Frequently Asked Questions


When is my picture day?

To search enter your team name.

Where do I find my pictures?

What to expect on picture day.

Individual and team pictures will be taken 30 minutes prior to game start. During this time both teams may have pictures taken at the same time . Action shots will be taken during the game following the pictures

Baseball & Softball only :

Both photographers will need access to the dugout opening during game play.

How do I order pictures or products?

Pictures and products can be ordered directly from the galleries with self check out. Items ordered will be sent directly to the location selected by the purchaser.

What if I lost my gallery password?

When will my pictures be ready?

Pictures will be available to view and purchase within 2 weeks after Picture session. Email notification will be sent out when picture galleries are ready.

How do I contact Held In Time?

Join us on social media.

I would like for Held In Time to take my organizations or groups photos.